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Out with the old, in with the new

To all those who bought or donated items for Stuart’s auction I give you my sincere thanks……Thanks for showing me that the cycling family is strong and supportive of those in need.  I don’t know the exact numbers of the money raised as of yet but I can tell you quite a few of the … Continue reading

The Tour and Upcoming Fort Collins Events

Wow! What a start to this year’s Tour de France; to think race organizers were thinking of keeping Lance’s bikes hung on the hooks! What would Versus do with all that extra time from the absence of the Lance commercials?  The opening time trial ended pretty much as anticipated — a strong showing from Lance … Continue reading

Parking garage mishap

OK, I’ve heard the stories, seen the damage, even chuckled a bit when listening to some of the accounts of people running their roof mounted bicycles into the garage door. But Karma is a powerful force not to be reckoned with….I too have finally felt the wrath of the low overhang.  In my defense, I … Continue reading

Working Smarter Resting Harder

It’s official; the training season has officially begun.  Whether you’re getting ready for your first race, your first organized ride or your first 50 – 100 mile ride,  following a training program can make your end goal seem like a walk in the park.  The phrase “work smarter, not harder” may not have been coined … Continue reading

Happy Trails!

I’ve just got back from this week’s races at New Belgium Brewery and before going any further, I must clear something up. Last week I estimated the racer count to be 100.  It was actually closer to 130 and this week 143 bikes showed up pulling their riders along!  That’s quite a showing for a … Continue reading