Posted by Steve Lacey

Colorado Trail ride report

With the latest snow and cool weather, it seems winter is here to stay. That’s ok with me, with the right riding gear winter riding can make for some adventurous and memorable rides. A few posts ago, you may remember me talking about the Colorado Trail MTB race.  After following the race, reading some CTR blogs … Continue reading

Giving thanks

My wife and I recently took a little trip to visit some family in Missouri and since we elected to drive….the bikes came with.  Now since this was a family visit, the bikes just came along for that “just in case” moment. We had no scheduled routes or destinations, just thoughts of slipping away to … Continue reading

Interbike launches 2010.

The bicycle has been around for what… 200 years or so, plus or minus a few depending on what you read?  Basically the only thing that has changed since its original conception is the addition of a propulsion system. It’s so simple; a couple wheels attached to a frame in a way that allows one … Continue reading


Sometimes a little extra work in the evening isn’t so bad….in fact, it can be a darn good time!  One such time is going out for a little 3500 foot moonlit climb up one of Colorado’s most scenic roads.  I’m talking about a late night ride up the Old Fall River Road in the Rocky … Continue reading

Life in the fast lane

A few weeks ago you might recall I made a commitment to try and hang with one of the more spirited group rides in the area before Stuart Culp’s return to the peloton.  Well, if you’ve seen the updates of Stuart’s recovery you know he’s making gains everyday and I have my work cut out … Continue reading

Cruisin’ down the motorway…..

…..Got my girl by my side.  Even though 38 Special didn’t have bicycling in mind when singing these lyrics, I don’t mind using them while out on a ride with my wife.  In seasons past, bicycling around my house was more like uni-cycling; me, by myself, going out for training rides or meeting the group … Continue reading

Out with the old, in with the new

To all those who bought or donated items for Stuart’s auction I give you my sincere thanks……Thanks for showing me that the cycling family is strong and supportive of those in need.  I don’t know the exact numbers of the money raised as of yet but I can tell you quite a few of the … Continue reading

A Silent Auction Says A Lot

This Saturday, August 15th, a silent auction will be held to come to the aid of a huge member of our bicycling community. Although Stuart Culp is well on his road to recovery, he still has a long journey ahead of him until he’s back on the pedals again; and a journey like this can … Continue reading

Woohoo! Three feet!

On Wednesday, August 5 2009, Colorado joins 14 other states with bills which require a distance of three feet when passing a cyclist.  Burt Reynolds could not be happier about gaining three feet (1 yard).  The bill, 148, also gives motorists the right to safely cross the center line whilst passing cyclists…I could joke about … Continue reading

Colorado Trail Races

So you have a week’s worth of vacation saved up at work, you’ve been kicking some butt on the trails this summer and feeling strong, you’ve done the Laramie Enduro, Leadville 100, a few centuries around the area…..and now what?  Well…….How about a little mountain bike race from Denver to Durango to test your endurance … Continue reading