Stay Safe on the Road!

New to the road? Let us help keep you safe with some basic guidelines.

Where do I ride?

Stay to the right riding in the same direction as vehicle traffic and if you are moving slow, be sure to stay far right to allow for other cyclists to pass.

Motorists may not always see you.

Just because you may see a motorist doesn’t mean they can see you. Use hand signals when turning, slowing or stopping.  The Law requires that front lights and back reflectors be used at night. Be sure to obey all traffic control devices such as stop signs, lights and lane markings. If you must ride on the sidewalk, be sure slow down and yield to pedestrians.

Wear a helmet!

The best investment you will make in your safety is a properly fitted helmet. Wear it at all times, no matter how short the trip.

Have any questions about bicycling safety or want to share some cyclist words of wisdom? Leave your comments here or visit our Facebook page.

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