Message from Ciclismo Youth Foundation (forward please)

CYF Summer Program 2011This particular e-mail is for you…. IF YOU:
–Are a parent or youth cyclist Ages 9-18 in Ft. Collins.
–Know a parent or youth cyclist Ages 9-18 in the Ft. Collins please fwd to them.
–Are associated with a Bike Shop in Ft. Collins, please share with your co-workers and inform the public as needed.
–Are a local business and would like to get involved in supporting this effort.
Before you continue, Please know that I am sending this to many folks to let you know what we are doing.  If you are receiving this it is because at some point in time you have requested to receive e-mails about cycling related topics from me…. Jason Trujillo…. If I am mistaken Please reply “Remove me from your e-mail dist. list”.
Parents and Riders—

This is the first of two e-mails introducing the Ciclimo Youth Foundation’s 2011 Summer Program.  This e-mail will give you an introduction and overview of our youth cycling program for this summer.  The second e-mail will be about ordering Ciclismo Youth Foundation clothing.  This clothing order e-mail is very time sensitive so please act quickly on clothing orders.

The Ciclismo Youth Foundation (CYF) wants to welcome you to our 2011 Summer Program.  CYF has been working hard this winter.  We were designated a 501 (c)(3) public charity by the IRS in December and now we are working on creating a long-term, sustainable youth cycling program in Fort Collins.

A Brief CYF History…

Five years ago, Jason Trujillo and a small band of New Belgium employees started the NBB Short Track races on Tuesday nights. The NBB Cyclocross races followed that Fall.  The success of these races inspired the City Streets Crit race series (2009) and the Lory Park Mountain Challenge race series (2010).  Today, all 16 Tuesday night races are promoted by the Ciclismo Youth Foundation.  We are proud that these races have become a centerpiece of the Fort Collins cycling community and we want to continue to grow the youth participation numbers in these events.

Last Summer CYF began hosting youth bike practices three days a week and we found we had a great deal of success with the kids that participated. We gained skills and fitness and overall had a good time.  Our summer bike practices led into the first Fort Collins Composite High School MTB team last fall.

The Colorado HS MTB league started in the fall of 2010 and CYF organized and coached the first composite HS team from Fort Collins. We had 13 (mostly novice) riders on our team who gelled into the third place team in the state!  It was a great start to a league that is sure to grow by leaps and bounds over the next few years.

Welcome to the 2011 Summer Program!

The warm weather is almost here, so…we are excited to bring you our 2011 Summer Program.  Please read the attached information and contact us at if you would like to participate.

We look forward to a great 2011 cycling season.

Ciclismo Youth Foundation Summer Program

The Ciclismo Youth Foundation summer program is a community-based junior cycling program for youth to develop bike maintenance, riding and racing skills. The program will allow each team member the chance to grow as an athlete and as an individual in a positive atmosphere.


1. Teachskillstoenjoybothcompetitiveandrecreationalcycling.

2. DevelopeachathleteinALLaspectsofcycling.

3. Utilize“Double-GoalCoaching”duringallpracticesandracestodevelop life skills as well as cycling skills.

4. Introduceracingtothosenewtocycling.

5. Build and enhance racing skills of riders of all abilities and experience.

6. Createanatmospherewhereathletesworktogetherasateamforevery rider’s success.

The CYF Summer Program will meet three (3) times per week (Monday, Tuesday and weekend) between mid-April and the end of July. Monday’s will begin with introductions and bike maintenance, and then focus on bike handling techniques and skills. Tuesday’s session will be held at the current local race (NBB ST, City Streets Crit, Lory Mtn. Challenge or NBB CX). There will be a course pre-ride with a coach before each race. The weekend ride will be a focused training ride.

CYF will travel to eight (8) races as well as the sixteen weeks of local racing. At these races there will be support for team members. There will also be opportunities for learning advanced bike maintenance, interacting with local cycling businesses/organizations and meetings/rides with local professional riders.

Summer Program Includes

1. Coachingandbikepractice(3xsperweek)frommid-AprilthroughJuly. 2. RacesupportateightteameventsandthesixteenweeksofCYFracing. 3. Teamkit(jersey,shorts,andhelmet)Youth Responsibilities Each youth rider will be expected to complete the following activities:

1. Signcodeofconduct 2. Payteamdues 3. Followallrulesoftheroadandtrails 4. Racingfeesfortravelevents(allCYFlocalracesarefree) 5. Responsibleforgettingthemselvestoandfrompracticesandraces 6. Maintainsaferidingequipment 7. Participateinthecyclingcommunity

Levels of Participation

Full Participation Level: Cost = $350 Practice: Monday, Tuesday, and a weekend ride Kit (Jersey, Shorts & Helmet) Full support at travel races Access to CYF purchase program…and all other cool stuff CYF can come up with.

Partial Participation Level: Cost = $250 Practice on Mondays and Tuesdays. Kit (Jersey, Shorts & Helmet)

Free Level Practice on Monday’s and Tuesday’s.

Due Date Payments and Signed Code of Conduct due by April 18, 2011

Jason Trujillo
Ciclismo Youth Foundation

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——- _`\<,_
—— (*)/ (*)


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