The Tour and Upcoming Fort Collins Events

Wow! What a start to this year’s Tour de France; to think race organizers were thinking of keeping Lance’s bikes hung on the hooks! What would Versus do with all that extra time from the absence of the Lance commercials?  The opening time trial ended pretty much as anticipated — a strong showing from Lance and other favorites performing to expectations.  The second day’s sprint finish was textbook for team Columbia-HTC and Mark Cavendish.  Day three will go down as the cornerstone of the tour should Lance walk away with his eighth tour.  One corner and one split second was all it took for a breakaway group of riders including Lance, to have the opportunity to split from the herd in a cross wind and make a run all the way to the finish.  If not for a spectacular move from Cancellara to join the group, Lance would now be in yellow. Fabian saw the break and instantly jumped a curb in order to stay with the group.  As predicted and to my delight, the team time trial did not disappoint on day four.  The tight technical course let only those teams whose concentration rivaled their leg strength finish in the top spots.  Teams without were quick to look for their team car and spare bikes.  In the end, Team Astana was victorious and succeeded in erasing a 40 second time gap between Lance and the yellow jersey and moving him to within one second of the leader.

DSC_6708How can Fort Collins compete with such a race?  Well, how about the return of the 6 day races on CSU’s Oval brought to you by the Fort Collins Velodrome Association and co-sponsored by Lee’s Cyclery? On Sunday, July 12th at 5:00PM, the Oval will come alive with a multitude of races and categories for all to enjoy for six weeks.  At the Oval, there is not a bad seat on or off the track and spectators can get close enough to the action to experience racing without lifting a pedal! Last year the number of racers and spectators proved Fort Collins loves cycling and is worthy of their own velodrome.  Visit the Fort Collins Velodrome Association web site for more information about the races and the velodrome.
Urban assault Logo

Another upcoming event which is a little less competitive but just as exciting, is the Urban Assault race/ride.  July 19th, Fort Collins city streets will be the proving ground for teams of two to plot their route to checkpoints around town where they will be faced with wacky obstacles and challenges.  First team to reach all the checkpoints and complete all its roadblocks and riddles will win a pair of coveted New Belgium Brewery cruisers and personal acclaim.  After the event, all are invited to attend the celebration and sample New Belgium’s brew and raffle at El Monte Grill.  Check out the UAR website for more information.

This week’s tip is again brought to you from one of my own personal experiences…..When riding in a group or peloton try to look at least two riders ahead of yourself.  As in driving looking ahead gives just a bit more notice of road hazards; it also gives you a little advanced warning when the peloton is making a break or brake.  Just watching the wheel in front of you may leave you out of a break/brake and make for a lonely or sore ride home.

Have a good ride out there whether you’re on the track, trail or road.
Steve Lacey

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